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Providing Quality Dental Services to Residents of Downtown Vancouver

Blue Sky Dental is a patient-centered Vancouver dental clinic. We are ready to serve patients of all ages and provide quality oral care for your entire family. You can conveniently access our offices located near the Trans-Canada Highway. Our dental office offers various dental services, from a dental checkup to wisdom teeth extraction.

What to expect from our dental services

Our Downtown Vancouver dentists understand that every patient has a unique personality and oral health needs. Blue Sky Dental team will develop a customized treatment plan to address your unique oral care needs. Our team treats patients from the time the first tooth erupts.

Our range of services

Our Downtown team of dentists seeks to provide comprehensive dental care to keep your oral health in prime position and we understand how this influences your overall health. We offer compassionate care to help you restore your beautiful smile.

Below are some of the services you can find in our Vancouver dental clinic:

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Extraction is critical for addressing pain when your teen has an impacted wisdom tooth. Our dental team may recommend removing the tooth even without discomfort.

An extraction is necessary to avoid complications that impact your child’s oral health. Consult your dentist if you notice redness, swelling or pus.

Timely wisdom tooth extraction prevents the infection from spreading to the jawbone. The process is necessary if you have a severely damaged tooth. Your provider usually chooses the best approach, guided by your oral health evaluation.

Invisalign Clear Braces

Our family dentist in Vancouver understands how teeth misalignments can impact your self-esteem. You can expect our Vancouver family dentist to incorporate your preferences and needs into the treatment plan. We provide orthodontics services to straighten teeth to reveal a confident smile. The treatment can address crowded teeth, malocclusions, and spaces between teeth.

You can benefit from the treatment to address misalignments in the following ways:

  • Close gaps to prevent tooth decay and improve dental hygiene: The process moves the teeth to ensure proper alignment.
  • Address jaw pain resulting from malocclusions: Misalignments can affect your bite function and cause jaw and gum soreness.
  • Improve your bite function and chew food comfortably: Food debris often sticks between your teeth if you have malocclusions or gaps.
  • Reduce gum inflammation and irritation: Since teeth misalignments affect your bite, your gum is susceptible to inflammation. Straightening teeth with Invisalign reduces irritation and discomfort.
  • Exude a bright, confident smile: Invisalign addresses crooked teeth and eliminates gaps, improving your smile’s appearance. Enhancing your teeth’s aesthetics will boost your confidence and quality of life.

Invisalign is transparent and inconspicuous, making the treatment option score highly among patients seeking a covert corrective dental treatment option. It is a popular choice for teens who are often conscious of their teeth’s aesthetics. Cases of severe misalignments may require traditional braces to restore your smile.

Root canal surgery and treatment

Your little one may experience dental anxiety, discouraging you from visiting our Vancouver dentists. Our compassionate approach will keep your child at ease throughout the treatment session.

Root canal surgery is sometimes crucial for your child’s oral health. Blue Sky Dental utilizes cutting-edge tools and techniques to eliminate infections and numb the nerves to alleviate pain. Root canal therapy can save your tooth to avoid leaving gaps.

General Dentistry

A general dentist is the first dental specialist you visit when you have an oral health problem. General dentistry emphasizes preventive care to prevent tooth decay or gum disease.

Sealants are a leading solution in the fight against tooth decay, which involves applying resin over the tooth’s surface. Despite the misconceptions, sealants are not just for children. The resin material can help if you have tooth grinding issues by minimizing friction between teeth.

Routine Teeth Cleanings

Professional teeth cleaning is essential for keeping your gums and teeth healthy. We perform routine teeth cleanings to prevent gum disease and tooth decay. We recommend scheduling a professional teeth cleaning session every six months to eliminate tartar and plaque that do not respond to brushing and flossing. The process prevents gum recession which can increase your susceptibility to gum inflammation. You may need more visits if your teeth are susceptible to enamel deterioration. Pregnancy and diabetes are some conditions that may increase your risk of tooth decay and gum disease. We also offer other preventive dentistry services, such as oral cancer screenings.

We recognize that kids, teens, and adults have unique oral health needs. Our team believes in collaboration to ensure that every patient receives personalized service.

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