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No matter how diligently you brush or how carefully you floss, there is the possibility that you will need some form of artificial filling or dental treatment that requires something requires some form of synthetic material to properly fix your teeth in a manner that is safe, as well as enduring.


Treatments that call for some variation of a filling include dental crowns, bonded fillings, porcelain inlays and onlays, root canal therapy, dental bridges and dental implants


Given the variety of treatments that require one form or another of filling, it is important that you choose a suitable material to ensure that your treatment is both medically effective and, when possible, aesthetically pleasing. 


Traditional fillings have tended to be made up of a substance called ‘amalgam’. Amalgam is a silvery substance that actually consists of a combination of several metals, including silver and mercury. Amalgam has been the most common type of filling for the last 150 years of modern dentistry. It’s strong and relatively inexpensive to produce. The presence of mercury has been a source of some concern, given that too much mercury in the body can lead to mercury poisoning. That being said, mercury’s presence in amalgam doesn’t necessarily mean that amalgam fillings are inherently dangerous. Most studies have demonstrated that amalgam is safe for use, and it’s the cheapest and strongest alternative available. 


Despite this, many patients prefer to avoid amalgam to avoid any unwanted exposure to mercury, despite it being almost entirely inert as part of the amalgam. Other patients want an alternative that matches the natural colour of your teeth, there are modern amalgam free alternatives. Your Vancouver dentist can help you choose the option that’s right for you.


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Last Updated On 2021-10-22