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Tooth-Colored (or “Natural”) Composite Restorations

We all try to take the best care of our teeth that we can. Regular, twice daily brushing, and flossing at least once per day is an effective preventative measure, when combined with regular dental check ups and cleanings with your Vancouver dentist. For most patients, these steps are sufficient to maintain healthy, strong and aesthetically pleasing teeth.


That being said, sometimes, despite our best efforts, cavities happen. A cavity is the term dentists use to describe any form of tooth decay. Cavities are caused by a variety of factors. Some of them, we can control, like proper oral hygiene routines, a diet that’s low in starch and sugary foods, or maintaining adequate hydration. In some cases, patients have less control. Some people are genetically more predisposed towards cavities.


If you do get a cavity, the next step is to get a dental filling.


Once a cavity has been detected using X-rays, your dentist will determine the extent of the infection, as well as its specific location. Then, under the proper form of anesthetic and/or sedative, they’ll drill a hole into your tooth, being careful to remove the smallest possible amount of tooth material while still removing all of the decay.


Once the cavity has been cleared out, you’ll need a dental filling. Traditionally speaking, fillings have been made up of either gold, or what’s called ‘amalgam fillings’. Amalgam fillings look metallic, and are composed of a primarily mercury alloy. At Blue Sky Dental, we offer what’s referred to as ‘bonded fillings’.


Bonded fillings are made of a composite resin of plastic and fine glass particles. While they are slightly less sturdy than the traditional amalgam filling, they can be designed to perfectly match the colour of your teeth for a more invisible repair.


If you’d like to discuss filling a cavity, call us at Blue Sky Dental, your North Vancouver dentists. You can also request an appointment online.


Last Updated On 2021-10-22