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There are a variety of restorative procedures available to improve the looks and function of your teeth. For superficial tooth decay, or minor damage, fillings, inlays, and onlays can shore up problem areas. Another possibility is porcelain veneers.


In instances where there’s more extensive damage that covers a significant portion of the tooth, dental crowns may be an appropriate response. Your North Vancouver dentists at Blue Sky Dental can provide you with the highest standards of dental care, including providing you with dental crowns that will restore your teeth, and give you the smile you’re looking for.


A dental crown is, essentially, a sheath for your tooth. They tend to be made of metal, zirconia, or some variety of porcelain or ceramic. They’re strong, and tend to last at a minimum seven years. In many cases, they last much longer.


Installing a crown is done over several steps. To begin, an impression is taken of your tooth. This can be done either using a rubber mold, or in some cases, by taking a digital impression of your teeth using Camera Assisted Design technology. Once an impression has been taken, your dentist will file down your tooth to an appropriate size to be fitted with a prosthetic.


If you need a crown but there’s not enough of your tooth left to act as a base, it may be necessary to install a dental implant which will work as an anchor for your new tooth.


Once the filing is complete, your dentist will install a temporary crown. Some clinics can install full crowns the same day using a specialized machine that manufactures dental prosthetics. Failing that, you’ll schedule a follow up visit with your North Vancouver dentist to replace the temporary crown with the final product, which will have been created in a dental laboratory.


If you’d like to discuss your options when it comes to dental crowns, contact us today! You can also request an appointment online.

Last Updated On 2021-10-22