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Here at Blue Sky Dental we offer a plethora of dental and oral services that range from dental emergencies, orthodontic or orthopedic treatments, family dentistry, and pediatric dentistry. Our Vancouver dentist, Dr. Negar Nazemi is pleased and dedicated to assist young children with their dental and oral health, from their years of infancy to their teenage years. During the period of early childhood, appropriate dental hygiene habits and oral care techniques are essential skills to learn, establish, and develop. Within several months after they are born, infants often begin to develop their first set of teeth called baby teeth. Once a child has grown to the age of five years old or over, they often begin to lose their baby teeth as their permanent adult teeth start to grow in. It is also during this age that children begin to develop more independence, confidence, and a sense of their own being. If you live within the North Vancouver area and you have a child who could use adequate dental and oral care, then visit our Vancouver dentist Dr. Negar Nazemi at Blue Sky Dental, where it is encouraged and highly recommended that you book an appointment not only for yourself, but for your child as well. 


The primary benefit that pediatric dentistry can offer in contrast to conventional family dentistry, is the focused care on the specific dental and oral complications that children experience at all stages of their childhood. Dr. Negar Nazemi and the team of Vancouver dentists at Blue Sky Dental can offer comprehensive services catered to your child. Services such as sedation dentistry to alleviate anxiety from a child’s first visit or from regular dental cleaning, preventive dentistry that teaches children adequate oral hygiene habits like brushing your teeth or flossing twice daily, cosmetic dentistry such as Invisalign invisible braces to treat misaligned or crooked teeth, and restorative dentistry to treat cavities or gum disease. Often times the dental complications that children experience are different from what adults experience, and as such pediatric dentistry is an ideal solution. Contact your Vancouver dentist today to learn more.

Last Updated On 2021-09-22