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There are few dental procedures with a more fearful reputation than a root canal. Historically, root canals have been considered at best, an uncomfortable experience, or at worst, a painful ordeal. At Blue Sky Dental in North Vancouver, root canals are a simple, relatively easy treatment that will leave you with healthy teeth, and only a mild, temporary discomfort.

What is a root canal?


At the centre of your teeth, there’s a mass of what’s referred to as ‘dental pulp’. Dental pulp is the tissue in the core of your teeth that draws nutrients and allows for blood flow. It’s an essential component of a healthy tooth.


Sometimes, as a result of an untreated cavity, or the dental trauma due to injury, this dental pulp can become infected. Infected dental pulp is problematic for a variety of reasons. It can essentially kill your tooth by closing off the passageway for blood and nutrients. It can also lead to abscesses at the roots of your teeth, which can be painful and have a negative health impact.


In order to treat these infected bundles of dental pulp, you may require a root canal. North Vancouver dentists at Blue Sky will assess your tooth and determine if there’s any other way to save it. If not, they’ll perform a root canal using modern dental techniques to ensure a positive outcome, as well as your comfort as a patient.


The procedure begins with an X-ray to determine the location of the infection. After applying the appropriate anesthesia, your dentist will drill through the crown, down into the root of the tooth. The infected dental pulp is scraped away and irrigated out of the tooth. Once all the infected tissue is removed, the hole is filled with a special material designed to prevent reinfection. That material is then sealed in with dental cement. Finally, a dental crown is installed to finish the restoration of your now healthy tooth.


If you’d like to discuss root canals, your North Vancouver dentists at Blue Sky Dental would be happy to assist you. Call us today, or book an appointment online!



Last Updated On 2021-10-22