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As a general rule, ‘pulling a tooth’ is something we at Blue Sky Dental will do only as a last resort. Before we’ll extract a tooth, we first look into procedures that can be performed to improve your tooth’s health, stability or aesthetics without having to remove it and install an implant, crown, or denture.

That being said, there are some circumstances in which tooth extraction becomes necessary.


If, for example, your tooth is so loose that even a bone graft can’t shore it up, it may require extraction. Other situations that call for tooth extraction include:

  • If you’re getting braces and need to make room to reposition your other teeth.
  • If you have one or more baby teeth that are preventing your adult teeth from emerging correctly from your gums.
  • If you were born with extra teeth that are causing your other teeth to be pushed out of their proper alignment
  • If you have wisdom teeth that are causing you problems.
  • If your tooth is severely infected, and it’s decided that a root canal wouldn’t adequately restore it.

Before your tooth is extracted, your North Vancouver dentists at Blue Sky Dental will carefully prepare you for the procedure. First, they’ll take X-rays that will allow them to determine any possible obstacles, including other teeth, nerves, or connections to the sinuses along the upper teeth. They also use the X-ray to check for infections, tumours, or the presence of any other unusual physiological phenomena that could affect the outcome of your procedure.


From that, they’ll determine a few things. What form of sedation or anesthesia is suited to the procedure, what technique they’ll use for extraction, and whether you’ll require what’s called a ‘simple extraction’ or a ‘surgical extraction.’


If you’d like to discuss tooth extraction, Vancouver based dentists at Blue Sky Dental are always available for a consultation. Call us today, or book an appointment online.


Last Updated On 2021-10-22